Terain’s Dynamic Demographic Module

This module blends Visitor Insights’ market-leading geolocation data with Experian’s renowned Mosaic demographic data

This is more dynamic and granular than other Demographic datasets, as this bases the Demographic profile of visitors
based on the devices seen in your geofenced locations, which is updated regularly, whereas typical demographic datasets are static and based on residential populations around a location.

Mosaic Segmentation

Segment your visitors by Mosaic profile to get a richer picture of who is frequenting your assets.

Personal Income

Analyse socioeconomic metrics such as the Personal Income of your visitors, helping you understand if you are attracting your target audience.

Catchment Origin & Demographics

Understand the Home Zone of your visitors, combined with the Demographic profile of these visitors through our market-leading Catchment Demographics feature.

Filter Demographics for Granular Insights

Filter your Demographic data to focus on Weekdays/Weekends and Times of Day to understand how these trends change!

Store Level Demographics 

Analyse Mosaic insights for specific retailers to understand the audience profile.

Street Level Demographics

Home in on precise 40 metre street segments and analyse the demographic profile of pedestrians walking by.

Terain’s Demographics Follows

Terain’s Demographic module uses the same flexible approach as seen with regular geofence follows across the platform.

Users can use a ‘Demographic follow’ to activate the Demographics module for a geofenced location, to gain access to the 12 metrics available.

After 30 calendar days, users have the ability to ‘unfollow’ the Demographics module for their geofenced location, and they can use their Demographic follow to activate the Demographics module for a different location.

This means more flexibility and more areas to include in your analysis! Win Win!

VI Demographics Summer Sale

Number of Follows Purchased

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Savings Secured from Free Follows

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8 – 10



This offer is valid until the 30th of June 2024

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