Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

In the dynamic landscape of commercial property investment, making well-informed data decisions are the key to success, especially in a tight market.  Sorbon Estates, a well known investor, owner, asset manager, and developer of commercial properties in the South East, has demonstrated a strategic approach to decision-making that sets them apart.


This case study showcases how they worked to:

  • Understand Footfall Patterns: One of the primary challenges faced by Sorbon Estates was gaining insight into the footfall patterns on Reigate High Street. Recognising the significance of footfall data in determining the potential success of businesses, Sorbon Estates turned to VI’s Terain platform.
  • Benchmark with Nearby Towns: Sorbon Estates went beyond the confines of Reigate, extending their analysis to nearby towns. By leveraging VI’s data, they examined year-on-year changes in footfall, creating a valuable benchmarking dataset.

VI’s Terain Platform: Empowering Data-Driven Decisions:

The use of VI’s Terain platform proved valuable for Sorbon Estates in addressing critical challenges associated with acquiring property in a new town. The platform enabled them to make data-driven decisions across various aspects, from location selection to tenant choice and overall property viability. By relying on data driven market insights, Sorbon Estates could navigate the complexities of a tight market and enhance the likelihood of success in their acquisitions.

In conclusion, Sorbon Estates showed the importance of leveraging advanced tools and data analytics to thrive in the competitive world of commercial property investment. Their strategic use of VI’s Terain platform highlights a commitment to making data informed decisions that ultimately contribute to having a competitive advantage.

Read and download the full use case here:

Sorbon Estates Case Study

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