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Using Visitor Behaviour and Footfall for Enhanced Benchmarking

Understanding footfall dynamics becomes crucial for effective urban planning and economic revitalization

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The UK’s Most Innovative Mobility and Demographics Data Insights Provider

Geolocation and mobility data that provides users with cost effective, bespoke solution to help understand current and historic changes in catchment demographics, dwell time, popular locations, visitor preferences, engagement, space usage, visitor patterns and pedestrian journeys.

In-depth Mobility and Demographic Profiling with


We apply human behaviour algorithms to big data through our market leading platform extracting the most accurate visitor movements and behavioural patterns. Currently live across in the UK:

  • In depth demographic profiling powered by Experian’s MOSAIC segmentation
  • Online self-serve platform
  • 5+ years Historic Data
  • Weekly Data Updates
  • Full customised Support & Service
  • Pedestrian footfall & journeys
  • Catchments change and by LSOA
  • Market share & competition
  • Visit reason, frequency and dwell time
  • Compare and contrast brand synergies
  • Highlight cross visitation and potential cannibalisation

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Our unique algorithm driven solution provides your business with insights that no other mobility operator in the UK can offer

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With metrics providing detailed analysis to each phase of a transaction, industry professionals within in every sector and service line count on our data to drive decision making.


Local, regional, and national brands rely on our data to monitor location performance and competition and forecast the trends of their entire customer base.


Consultants and financial firms utilize our historic and current aggregated data to identify changes in behaviours, visit patterns, pedestrian journeys, consumer trends and dwell time as non-traditional near-real time measures of economic activity.


Local and regional councils throughout the UK benefit from informed decision making for long-term planning with location and demographic data of residents and visitors.


National marketing and advertising firms utilize our accurate mobility data for customer targeting, detailed reporting on OOH portfolios, and analyse location makeup with visitor preferences and demographic data for customized ad sales and marketing campaigns.


With mobility data and demographic profiling, Urban and rural planners can solve the complex problems surrounding private and public needs of areas throughout the UK.


Mobility data for detailed reporting on footfall traffic and patterns for OOH portfolios.

How does VI work?

Mobile location data, geodata or geolocation data is positioning data sourced from a mobile device. Geolocation data is taken from a user’s device and indicates the geographical location of that device. With a total focus on the UK market, VI has dedicated itself to sourcing and analysing the UK’s most reliable and in-depth geolocation data available in the market.

Geolocation Data

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Market Share & Competition

Terain: an online, self-serve platform

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Differentiate between whole  areas, city centres, as well as individual streets, buildings, stores or custom zones

Visitor numbers by year, month, week, day, hour

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