Revolutionising your business strategy with Mobility Data

In an era increasingly dominated by data, businesses are seeking innovative ways to understand consumer behaviour and stay ahead of the competition. Visitor Insights is a unique company specializing in geolocation data analytics that takes understanding human movement and behaviours to a new level.

The Power of Mobility & Demographic Data

At the heart of Visitor Insights lies a commitment to providing the most in-depth mobility & demographic data. VI has developed a market-leading platform that applies sophisticated human behaviour algorithms to big data that merge with shaped demographic data provided by our partner Experian, extracting precise visitor movements and behavioural patterns. Visitor Insights stands as the most innovative Mobility Data Insights Provider.

In 2023 the peaks in footfall we saw in 2019 have somewhat flattened out, with more visits to retail across the UK in the weeks before Black Friday than Black Friday itself.

Key Features:

Key Visitor Metrics

Access key metrics on footfall, dwell time, daily profiles, hourly profile, visitor behaviours along with competing centres and visitor overlap

Identify Competing Locations

Shared visits between competing locations, assets, custom clusters, and occupiers

Visualize Movement Patterns

Pedestrian movement at a street, or asset level and easily monitor changes over time with our street level footfall heatmaps. Extract exact pedestrian footfall figures from anywhere in the UK.

Analyse Catchments

Catchment area analysis on a per LSOA level, travel distance, differentiation between home and work-based visits

Identify Competing Brands

Brand preferences, completing locations and trend analysis for similar areas.

Visualize Store Performance

Summary stats at a group level at a glance.

Analyse Market Composition

Market composition on a national, regional and local basis, identify completing brands and market share.

Geolocation Data: What makes Visitor Insights unique?

Visitor Insights specializes in gathering and analysing geolocation data, also known as mobility data. This data, derived from devices emitting GPS or location signals, offers valuable insights into the geographical locations of users’ devices.

Demographic data and Segmentation: Completely unique data sets wit Experian’s MOSAIC

Experian and Visitor Insights have joined forces to offer an unparalleled and unique solution which combines the rich insight of Mosaic consumer classification with geolocation and mobility data. Granular demographic insights from macro catchment definitions to micro geofenced areas enables a stronger understanding of mobility and footfall accessed via self-serve platform Terain.

Mosaic provides a detailed understanding of the demographics, lifestyles, purchasing behaviour, technology adoption, communication channel preferences and location of all individuals and households.

Bespoke Data Access

Visitor Insights understands the importance of flexibility in data access. With their live instant access online platform, businesses can seamlessly integrate data reports and API feeds into their systems. The pay-as-you-go model ensures that you only pay for the data you need. The bespoke reporting feature offers in-depth analysis based on defined criteria and specific outputs, ensuring tailored insights.

Noteworthy access points:

  • Street Level Footfall
  • Competition Analysis
  • In-depth Data
  • Visitor Catchments
  • Visitor Journeys
  • Historic Data

In a world where data-driven decisions can significantly impact the success of a business, Visitor Insights’ data is the key to unlocking its potential.  Revolutionize your business strategy by harnessing the power of geolocation data and gain a competitive edge in understanding human movement and behaviours.

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