Maximizing Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising Impact and finding Optimal Locations

In the world of advertising, where every impression counts, finding the perfect spot to showcase your brand is paramount. For multinational advertising agencies and in house marketing teams, this quest for optimal locations is not just a strategy, it’s a science.

With over 300k OOH panels spread across the UK, how do you ensure that your campaigns hit the mark? The answer lies in data-driven insights and innovative tools like Terain’s Street Footfall Heatmap.

Precise Pre-Campaign Planning

Before launching a campaign, our user delved deep into Terain’s data pool. By mapping out all of the UK’s OOH panels across and overlaying them onto Terain’s Street Footfall Heatmap, they gained invaluable insights into pedestrian traffic patterns. This allowed them to pinpoint the busiest locations, ensuring maximum exposure for their clients’ brands.

Armed with this data, they can tailor their pitches to prospective brands with confidence, offering not just prime advertising real estate but also concrete evidence of potential reach and impact. It’s a game-changer in the competitive world of advertising sales.

Analysing Campaign Success Post-Deployment

An advertiser’s data-driven approach doesn’t stop once the campaign is live. They continuously monitor pedestrian foot traffic around their OOH panels, comparing real-time data with historical trends to gauge the campaign’s effectiveness.

Terain’s catchment origin maps and demographic data further enrich their analysis, providing insights into the composition of the audience interacting with their ads. Are they reaching the intended demographic? Are they making an impact on local communities? These are the questions to answer, and Terain’s data can provide them.

Driving Future Strategy

The insights gleaned from Terain’s data not only inform the success of current campaigns but also shape future strategy. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of pedestrian behaviours and audience demographics, their Location Planning team can identify prime locations for future campaigns with pinpoint accuracy.

Moreover, Terain’s footfall heatmaps serve as a powerful tool for marketing efforts. By visualising pedestrian hotspots and traffic patterns, they can showcase the effectiveness of their advertising solutions to potential clients, further solidifying their position as industry leaders.

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, data is king. With Terain’s innovative heatmap features, users like JC Decaux, Merlin and AGS have unlocked insights that not only maximize the impact of their current campaigns but also shape the future of Out-of-Home advertising.

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