In the heart of Bristol, a city known for its culture, history, and innovation, the retail landscape is changing. As businesses strive to recover from the impact of the pandemic, Bristol City Council’s initiatives offer solutions, while strategic redevelopment projects promise a revitalised future.

Analysing Bristol’s Footfall Changes

Bristol footfall changes

Visits from 2018 to Present

Amidst this transformation, one crucial factor reigns supreme: footfall. Understanding visitor patterns is pivotal for businesses seeking to thrive in the evolving retail ecosystem. Enter Visitor Insights: leveraging the Terrain platform to provide invaluable footfall data to businesses in Bristol. Partnering with Avison Young, Visitor Insights gives retailers the tools with actionable insights to navigate the complexities of consumer behaviour.

Bristol City Council’s support underscores its commitment to rejuvenate its high streets. Initiatives such as personalised visits from business development officers and capital funding for property revitalisation, means that the council has become a forum for entrepreneurial endeavours. With 93 approved applications for funding, the momentum for urban renewal is palpable.


Overcoming Challenges Leveraging Mobility Data

The impending redevelopment of The Galleries shopping centre and the transformation of the former Debenhams store reflect Bristol’s forward-thinking vision. Embracing mixed-use schemes, these projects herald a new era of urban living, seamlessly blending residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

Yet, challenges persist. Despite sporadic recoveries, footfall numbers in Bristol remain below pre-pandemic levels. The ebb and flow of visitor numbers mirror broader economic fluctuations, influenced by factors like the cost-of-living crisis and inclement weather. However, amidst the uncertainty, there are still opportunities to be had.

So what’s next?

The reopening of Bristol Beacon, following a monumental refurbishment, signals a renaissance in the city’s artistic realm. Meanwhile, ambitious plans for entertainment venues like the Brabazon Hangar arena and the Ashton Gate sports complex promise an exciting future for residents and visitors alike.

As the city embraces change, harnessing the power of data becomes imperative for businesses to thrive. Visitor Insights, with its Terrain platform, offers a competitive edge, equipping retailers with the knowledge to adapt and innovate. By analysing footfall trends, businesses can better plan their marketing strategies.

Each data point tells a story of resilience, adaptation, and renewal. As businesses forge ahead, guided by insights, and supported by the councils’ initiatives, Bristol’s high streets stand poised for a resurgence.

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