Sorbon Estates – making informed decisions in a tight market

Sorbon Estates, a well-established investor, owner, and asset manager, is dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service and maintaining the highest standards in property presentation. They are making strides in the industry, positioning themselves as a prominent development company.

Leveraging VI’s Terain platform for informed investment decisions

In the dynamic realm of commercial property investment, gaining a competitive edge requires a deep understanding of market dynamics and strategic decision-making. Sorbon Estates adopted VI’s Terain platform to bolster their investment strategies. In this case study, we delve into how Sorbon Estates utilised VI’s Terain to achieve specific goals and make well-informed decisions aligned with their investment objectives.

Sorbon Estates chose to leverage the power of VI’s Terain platform to meet the following goals:

Understanding Footfall Patterns: A crucial factor in any commercial property investment.

Benchmarking with Nearby Towns: understand how Reigate compared to other towns in terms of foot traffic.

Identifying High-Performing Tenants: Utilizing the Terain platform, Sorbon Estates identified high-performing tenants already thriving in Reigate.

Assessing Leasing Viability: VI’s Terain data became instrumental in assessing the leasing viability of the Boots property in Reigate.

By tapping into the insights provided by data-driven analytics, Sorbon Estates has not only gained a competitive advantage but has also set a precedent for adopting informed and forward-thinking investment strategies.

You can understand the high street within a minute… It really helps [you] eliminate the guess work, allowing you to understand what external
factors are at play.

Tom Houghton

Acquisitions Surveyor, Sorbon Estates

Terain stands as powerful tool, helping to reshape the landscape of commercial property development strategies.

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