A Q&A series with AdTech and data intelligence experts

Visitor Insights has joined forces with Experian to offer a unique and powerful solution, combining geolocation data with demographics that can influence the growth of your business.

 Experian’s “Ask the Expert” series presents a valuable resource that is gaining prominence. In an interview, Debbie Oates, director of customer engagement at Experian Marketing Services, and Isabelle Hease, managing director of Visitor Insights, discuss how mobile data can be strategically employed to drive better commercial and marketing strategies.

This series covers topics such as:

  • Mobility data and insights
  • Privacy concerns addressed
  • Changing consumer behaviours
  • Adapting to new realities
  • Examples of mobility data in action
  • Combining demographics with mobility data
  • Using mobility data for marketing

Together, Debbie and Isabelle will guide you through an engaging discussion on how mobility data can be strategically employed to drive better business and marketing strategies.