Driving visitor growth in the North West

In a bold move towards strategic growth and heightened engagement, Blackpool Council  embarked on a data-driven journey to boost tourism, visits, and overall appeal in the North West. By leveraging key data points and analysing footfall and behaviour patterns, the council aimed to not only understand current dynamics but also pave the way for future enhancements in this iconic coastal town.

Analysing Key Sites: The heart of Blackpool’s data-driven initiative lies in a detailed analysis of key sites that draw visitors and residents alike. With VI’s Terain,  the council produced a detailed report that served as a roadmap for strategic growth, ensuring decisions are anchored in tangible insights rather than intuition.

Benchmarking for Success:  The council  adopted a benchmarking strategy, comparing the town’s performance against other coastal counterparts. This insight approach not only validated the efficacy of ongoing efforts but also provided valuable insights into areas that need improvement.

Terain’s Data Unveils Positive Trends: One of the key players in Blackpool’s data-driven strategy is Terain, whose insights have uncovered promising trends. According to Terain’s data, Blackpool experienced a notable increase in footfall throughout 2022, signalling a positive shift in the town’s appeal. A standout contributor to this surge was the Winter Gardens, which exhibited significant growth, becoming a focal point for both locals and tourists.

Illuminating Success: In a strategic move to enhance the town’s allure, Blackpool extended its iconic Illuminations in late 2022 which was a resounding success in terms of footfall.   This extension not only showcased the council’s commitment to innovation but also contributed to Blackpool’s rising status as a must-visit destination.

Blackpool Council used Terain to understand changes in visitor preferences across lots of
destinations. It really helps us understand our visitors’ needs and preferences. For new
developments, it is easy to quantify the impact these are having on visit numbers.

Rochelle Morris

Blackpool Council

Blackpool’s data-driven approach is not just a testament to innovation but a strategic move that solidifies its standing as a vibrant hub in the North West. Through insightful analysis, planning, and benchmarking, the council is steering Blackpool towards a future of increased visits, tourism, and engagement. As the town continues to harness the power of data, it not only secures its present appeal but also lays the foundations for sustained success for coastal destinations.

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