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Self Serve Platform

Access data direct through our live online platform

  • Our Instant access platform, Terain gives you total freedom to access information across the UK wherever and whenever you need it.
  • The most intuitive and in-depth self-serve geolocation data platform in the UK
  • Access 50+ visitor metrics and 5+ years of historical data instantly
  • Unlike other SAS solutions we are committed to offering affordable access to detailed data. Our base price annual license includes full and detailed data on 20 locations of your choice, high level information on every location in the UK and footfall data for every street and pedestrian route in the UK free of charge.
  • Run reports as and when you need them at no extra cost
  • Full unlimited access

Bespoke Reporting

Looking at defined criteria and specific outputs

  • Your personal analyst
  • Cost Effective way of accessing only the metrics you need
  • One off or ongoing reports tailored to align with your projects objectives
  • Remove the need for end user interaction with the data
  • Reduces the time and cost input required to access in depth visitor behaviour insights whilst at the same time providing you with your desired insight outputs within any budget.

Data Reports & Direct Feeds

Integrate with your systems and only pay for the data you need

  • Cost Effective way of accessing only the metrics you need
  • We offer one off data reports or ongoing live data feeds for users who only require the underlying data. This allows you to only pay for the data you need and full integration with your systems
  • Data feeds also allow you to access bespoke data sets created specifically for your use, some of which are not available on the platform
  • Only pay for what you use on an entirely flexible basis

Street Level Footfall

Immediate access to pedestrian footfall for every street and pedestrian route in the UK, broken down into 40m segments.

Visitor Catchments

Understand the exact number of visitors from each LSOA, changes over time, and layer visitor behaviours to their geo-graphic location to identify trends at LSOA-National levels.

Competition Analysis

Access 50+ metrics of visitor data across 150 occupier types and 8000 brands in the UK. Understand interactions between occupier types and brands on a national, regional and local level.

Visitor Journeys

Understand how visitors interact with a location, the places they visit, the purpose of their trips, the synergies between locations and key linked journeys and interactions.

In-Depth Data

Our data set starts hourly to give you the ability to pinpoint specific changes not only across days weeks and months but also during specific times of the day.

Historic Data

Access 5+ years of historic data from day one of using our solutions. All metrics can be analysed to model changes in visitor behaviours over time.


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How VI works


Mobile location data, geodata or geolocation data is positioning data sourced from a mobile device. Geolocation data is taken from a user’s device and indicates the geographical location of that device. With a total focus on the UK market, VI has dedicated itself to sourcing and analyzing the UK’s most reliable and in-depth geo-location data available in the market.


Our geodata powered solutions are not just points on a map, we apply human behavior algorithms to big data through our market leading platform to model visitor movements and patterns across the UK to deliver easy to understand, actionable insights into interaction with spaces and places across the UK.


Our geolocation data comprises of 3.5bn monthly data points which build the most accurate and in-depth picture of human movement and interaction with places and spaces in the UK.

We work with data suppliers that are carefully selected for their commitment to anonymisation, accuracy and geographic coverage. Our 100x data sources provide the highest density data and greatest coverage of all devices in the UK market.

This gives you the ability to draw detailed insights into human behaviors across any area or location in the UK of your choice. Whether that is a region, town centre, quarter, custom zone, building or street.


 Because the VI system requires no hardware areas can be covered where camera-based counting is impractical or impossible such as open spaces, whole town centers, entire districts or areas where there would otherwise be no access.

This allows for adjustments to be made to areas being monitored and/or data extracted from each area at any stage of the contract at no additional cost and provide full flexibility to align outputs with varying budgets.


 Visitor Insights is entirely GDPR compliant, we do not access, process or store any personal data nor does our data give users the ability to identify any singular person or journey and we ensure full anonymity while delivering the most in depth geo location data in the UK.

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